I International Symposium on Protected Cultivation in Tropical and Temperate Climates & X International Symposium on Protected Cultivation in Mild Winter Climates

Protected cultivation involves the use of structures covered in glass, plastic or net to fully or partially control the microclimate around a crop. In tropical, temperate and mild winter climates, protected cultivation can permit horticultural cropping in areas where field production is challenging due to adverse weather, poor soils or limited land availability.  Protected cultivation can offer higher yields, an extended growing season, control of pests and diseases with minimal pesticide use, higher water use efficiency and the potential to recycle water and nutrients.  These climates also provide challenges for protected cultivation such as greenhouse cooling, and the need to develop more sustainable systems when simple and low-cost structures are used.


  1. Energy management and climate control for greenhouse cooling/mild-winter heating
  2. Low tech structures / rain shelters in the tropics – management and innovations
  3. Pest, disease and nutrition management
  4. Hydroponics, aquaculture and other systems integrated with protected cultivation
  5. Adaptation to climate extremes


Gordon RogersDr. Gordon Rogers

Gordon’s focus is on protected cropping, soil health, vegetable agronomy, crop physiology, and the development of sustainable crop production systems. He is passionate about communicating results of research to growers and end-users in a way that helps them implement findings.

Current work includes low cost protected cropping, soil health, climate change, alternative uses for vegetable crop waste, and international aid projects with a focus on vegetable market linkages in Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar and Africa. Read more…

SophieDr. Sophie Parks

is a Research Scientist with the NSW Division of Primary Industries and a Conjoint Senior Lecturer with The University of Newcastle.

Her Australian and international research has focused on certain crops under greenhouse and hydroponic conditions, their fertiliser requirements and nutritional disorders and on developing cultivation techniques for these systems. Read more…

Image of Professor Dr. Yuksel TuzelProfessor Yuksel Tuzel

is full professor at the Department of Horticulture in Ege University, Izmir/Turkey. Her expertise is sustainable vegetable production technologies in protected cultivation.

She has worked in soilless culture systems, irrigation and fertilization management, abiotic stress response and grafting. She has also worked on organic greenhouse vegetable production since 2000. Presently, she is involved in a project to improve local input use in organic agriculture, and she is responsible from seedling production. Read more…


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