I International Symosium on Urban Landscapes in Tropical Cities

In temperate climate countries gardens and landscapes and their history have frequently served as study and research objects. To date gardens and landscapes in tropical climate countries have received much less attention. It is the goal of the first international symposium on landscape and urban horticulture in tropical cities to change this. We look for scholarly and scientific contributions which address special conditions for urban horticulture, for plant growth, and for design, history and the art of gardens and landscapes in tropical cities. How do abundant flora and year round plant growth favorable conditions affect landscape and urban horticulture? Are there values attributed to plants, gardens, landscapes in tropical climate cities? Is there a role for plant, garden, and landscape history and art in tropical cities? If at all, do religious aspects shape plant, garden, and landscape appreciation? Are there social and economic reasons for landscape and urban horticulture in tropical cities? Which disciplines are interested in and contribute to landscape and urban horticulture in tropical cities? Are there examples for interdisciplinary approaches?

It is the aim of this international symposium to start a scholarly exchange on landscape and urban horticulture in tropical cities which we hope to continue in follow-up symposia.


  1. Tropical cities: urban horticulture
  2. Tropical cities: landscape architecture and design
  3. Tropical cities: garden and landscape history
  4. Tropical cities: religious gardens and landscapes
  5. Tropical cities: economic landscapes


Prof. Dr. Gert Groening
Professor Gert Groening

is a professor of garden culture and open space development in retirement. He is still active in research at the Institute for History and Theory of Design, Berlin University of the Arts (UdK), Berlin, Germany. He serves as councillor for the research “Center for Garden Art and Landscape Architecture (CGL)” at Leibniz University Hannover, Germany. He is one of the six senior fellows for the “Garden and Landscape Studies” research center at Dumbarton Oaks of Harvard University in Washington, DC. Read more…

Prof. Patricia Paiva
Professor Patricia Paiva

is an Agronomist, and has a Master’s and PhD in Agronomy by the Federal University of Lavras (UFLA), Brazil.
Nowadays she is Full professor in Floriculture and Landscaping at Federal University of Lavras (UFLA). She teaches courses, advises students, and performs research in floriculture and the history of gardens and evolution. Read more…

Scientific Committee

  • Vivan Loges, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil
  • Associate Professor Sasiya Siriphanich, Thailand
  • Dr. Sisir Kumar Mitra, India
  • Dr. John Rayner, Australia
  • Dr. Bianca Maria Rinaldi, Italy


International Symposia on Tropical and Temperate Horticulture